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Mixing is the process of blending individual audio tracks using techniques such as equalization, compression, saturation and other tools to bring your music to life more and create a pleasing listening experience for your fans.

We also use creative tools like reverbs and delays to create and make space for instruments and vocals & to overall give the song a unique vibe where the listener can really experience your song and feel the emotions you record.


After mixing comes our mastering process.

Mastering is the process of taking the final mix and maximizing the volume and dynamics to match industry released songs so your song is ready for you to release it to the world!


Once this is done your files will be emailed to you and you are ready for release!  Our job is to make your release less of a hassle and to give you a song you will be happy with forever. Book your next mix & master with us!



Online Mixing & Mastering

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  • Here are some frequenly asked questions we thought that may help answer some of your questions!


    Q: What is included with my mix & master?

    A: When your mix & master is finalized we will send you a copy of the final mix, master, radio edited mix, radio edited master, acapella & instrumental mix. 

    If you require additional exports additional costs will apply.


    Q: Do you tune vocals?

    A: Yes, vocal tuning is included in your mix & master. We will apply manual vocal tuning editing with the industry leading plugin for tuning vocals manually (Melodyne) and then we will run your vocals through auto-tune to give it the full industry sound. If you prefer no autotune that's okay too!


    Q: Does this include beat drops and fun edits?

    A: Yes, our mixes are not only going to impress your listeners sonically but they are also going to keep your listeners entertained with fun ear candy that adds to the production of the song.


    Q: Will I have a say in what I like or don't like?

    A: Of course! We fully encourage artists to send a list of ideas or guidelines for your mix & master to help us  make sure we are staying on the right creative path to help complete your vision! We also include 2 revision sessions (up to 1 hour each) with every mix & master.


    Q: How many hours will you spend on my mix & master?

    A: Because each song is different and requires a different approach every mix, we do not charge based on the hours we spend mixing the song. Our rate is set to be enough for our engineers to have the time to provide the services you need to guarantee a great result. We focus on quality over quantity.


     Q: If I don't like the mix can I get a refund?

    A: No, our services are non refundable unless canceled before the work is started. We ensure that through our mixing process you will have plenty of time to point out any areas you do not like or want changes in the mix before we agree that it is complete. You will always have a say before the song is considered a final mix.


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